1. How do I open an account with LALA88?

    Visit www.lala88.com, click “Register” button which you will be guided with easy steps.

    Please fill in the following information:

    Surname and Full Name Please make sure that you enter a valid Surname and Full Name for payment verification purpose.
    Date of Birth Please enter a valid date for verification.
    Email Address Please ensure that you enter a valid email address. Important announcement which is specific to your account will be sent to your email.
    Contact Number Please provide a valid contact number for better assistance and for your account safety.
    Currency Based on your desired currency that you wish to use for deposit/withdrawal.
    Username Your unique identifier that you will use to login with.
    Password Always remember to keep your password confidential.
  2. What currencies are accepted by LALA88?

    Below are the currency options that are accepted by LALA88:

    Malaysian Ringgit (MYR)
    Thai Baht (THB) - Coming Soon
    Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) - Coming Soon
    Vietnamese Dong (VDN) - Coming Soon

  3. How to Deposit?

    We have a list of major banks and payment solutions for you. You can deposit at any time you want, and your account will be credited once your deposit is done.

    Please contact our friendly Live Chat Customer Service for assist.

  4. How to Withdraw?

    Withdrawal is fast and efficient. You can withdraw funds from your LALA88 account anytime you want and it can be done within 5 - 30 minutes.

    Please contact our friendly Live Chat Customer Service for assist.

  5. Which payment methods do you accept?

    We accept Online Transfer payment method via Help2Pay.

    Help2Pay is Payment Gateway that provides the fastest, secure and convenient way for every transaction. It supports major local online banks in South East Asia region.

  6. Will there be any charges for Deposit and Withdrawal?

    LALA88 will NOT charge our members for any deposits and withdrawals made to their accounts.

  7. What is the minimum deposit amount?

    The minimum deposit amount is MYR50.

  8. What is the minimum/maximum withdrawal limits?

    The minimum withdrawal amount is MYR50.

    The maximum withdrawal amount is MYR5000 per transaction. There is a maximum withdrawal limit of MYR50,000 per day.

  9. How do I join a promotion?

    You can visit our Promotions page for own understanding and interested choice to see what is currently available and contact our friendly Live Chat Customer Service for assist.